About EnergyJobZ

The Purpose:

EnergyjobZ is a platform for job seekers and recruiters within the energy sector to connect with each other. Where Job Seekers & recruiters can avail of a platform that aims to streamline the HR processes and facilitate candidates as well as companies, this focused attention towards one sector will give unparalleled advantages to all its users


The people behind this endeavor come with a rich experience of over 20 years in Technical staffing, recruitment in energy sector & have bought forth solutions for inherent problems that faced the HR processes within this sector.


Our Story:
It was not very long ago when we were working for large Technical Staffing company. The data base management and recruitment was always a challenge. All job sites were too general and not specific to Energy, Oil and Gas or power sector. There were few which were IT centric. Search engines would bring out hundreds of thousands of unwanted resumes and job posting were lost in the crowd .


An idea came to us, as to why not start an Industry specific portal given our domain expertise, which will enable recruiters and Job Seekers to come together.

Initially we spent many hours brainstorming with fellow recruiters and management teams. Many ideas were thrown up and after looking at the Pros and Cons of a niche portal such as ours. At the end it was a unanimous decision to set up Job portal with Energy focus.


The Name:
It's a mammoth task to look for name that fits your vision and especially for websites. It was clear that name should define what we are and what we do. In today's scenario slang is accepted as are words with different spellings . Thus the name with a slight twist : EnergyjobZ was born.


The name EnergyJobZ clearly indicates the Sector which company follows and Its function


The Logo:
A Drop of Oil represents the current largest source of energy that is OIL. The Sun rays around the oil was for what will be the future and is the largest source of energy which mankind survives on along with wind.


The sectors we currently address are

  • Engineering Design

  • Oil & Gas

  • Refinery

  • Petrochemical

  • Fertilizers

  • Power

    • Solar

    • Wind

    • Thermal

    • Nuclear

    • Hydro

  • LNG / PNG

  • Pipeline


"Listen to the Users and Build what they want"

EnergyJobZ exists to support and delight the Job Seekers and Recruiters Community. We listen to Job Seekers and Recruiters to understand their needs and provide a solution. Team EnergyJobZ takes every opportunity to interact and understand them better. This helps us to build a product that you want to use.


Our BIG vision is to enable every Jobseekers worldwide engaged in the Energy Sectors to be in a position to choose and pursue their dream career.