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Abhas Agrawal 10-05-2017
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Make yourself count, stand out in a crowd.


  • At, we aim to connect job seekers and recruiters within the energy sector. It is a platform where job seekers can search for jobs of their choice from an extensive list of available opportunities in the energy sector.
  • We help recruiters to streamline their HR processes and get suitable candidates for different profiles. We have a dedicated team of professionals with an experience of over 20 years in Technical staffing & recruitment in energy sector.
  • EnergyJobz is a platform which focuses exclusively on the energy sector and its sub-sectors like:
    • Engineering Design
    • Oil & Gas
    • Refinery
    • Petrochemical
    • Fertilizers
    • Power
      • Solar
      • Wind
      • Thermal
      • Nuclear
      • Hydro
    • LNG / PNG
    • Pipeline

This focused approach allows us to provide a better and dedicated solution to the problems faced by job seekers as well as recruiters in the energy sector.

  • At EnergyJobz, we provide a solution where job seekers can search for their desired positions and roles according to their profile from an exhaustive list of jobs available at various locations across the world.
  • Recruiters can post job listings for their desired candidate profiles. This helps in bridging the gap between job seekers and recruiters. Our aim is to understand the problems faced by job seekers and recruiters and to provide solutions for the same. Hence, we constantly try and update our product in accordance with the latest developments in the Energy sector.
  • Keeping in mind the latest technological advancements and to make our product more intuitive and user-friendly, we have come up with a better and faster version of your favourite job portal. Hence, we proudly announce the launch of our portal and the EnergyJobz Android app on 22nd of August, 2016. 
  • We hope our new version will meet the expectations of job seekers and recruiters out there and will help in building a bond of relationship and trust with our clients. So stay tuned, your favourite job portal is going to be bigger, better and faster.


- Team EnergyJOBZ


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    I am interested in above energy sector jobs.

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