5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Career In The Oil & Gas Sector

Abhas Agrawal 30-05-2017
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Oil & gas sector is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world. More so, it's one of the most rewarding sectors for its employees as well. A career in this sector provides you with a plethora of opportunities for growth & development. Still confused? Here are some of the major benefits of working in oil & gas sector which will help you decide if this sector is for you:

1. Choose your own work environment

If you hate regular office life, oil and gas sector will provide you with ample opportunities to work in exciting environments ranging from offshore oil rigs to the remotest locations. However, many jobs are still lab and office based, so you have a plethora of choices, which a lot of jobs don’t offer.

2. Work with the latest technology

Like to work with the latest technologies? Look no more! You get a chance to work with the latest, state-of-the-art technology while working in oil and gas sector. You get a chance to increase your knowledge by learning new methods, which helps in developing your overall skill set. 

3. Great salaries

With great responsibilities, come great salaries.

Due to the intense, treacherous nature of the job, the oil & gas sector is one of the best paying sectors of all. If you want to start your career earning an above-average salary, this might be the right industry for you.

4. Chance to travel the world

If you're a travel enthusiast and like exploring new places and cultures, this industry is for you. The oil and gas sector is really large and extends across the globe. This gives you an opportunity to work almost anywhere in the world. And once you gain enough exposure and experience in the industry, you can travel anywhere you want to.

5. Personal Development

If you want a job that'll help your overall development, you should definitely consider a job in oil & gas sector. From learning different languages to developing multi-specialized skills, this job will keep you on your toes. There are also various training opportunities and other benefits which will help you in your professional growth as well as personal life.  

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    thanks for sharing its lovely

  • By Rajesh Kurup ( 5 ) 1144 days ago

    Sir, I am a PG electrical engineer working as asst.Professor in india and doing Ph.D as part time. Do I have any opportunities in the oil field. I am looking for a job change. Plz help.

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